Power Grips Pedal Straps

Although many cycling products today are aimed at enthusiasts and racers, there are some products which are perfect for riders who use their bikes for transportation, particularly for shorter trips. One such product is Power Grips pedal straps. This particular product is just what it sounds like: a set of pedal straps which give you more control and power than you would have if you just used platform pedals with everyday shoes.

Now before I go much farther with my commentary on this product, I must get the legal stuff out of the way. In case you didn’t know, there is a law which says that any product review posted online must contain a disclaimer if the product was supplied by the manufacturer or if the reviewer is receiving any sort of compensation for his or her review.

Of course, I don’t want Big Brother descending upon my personal blog and accusing me of non-conformance to this particular law. So, I will inform my readers that I was not given this product for free (or even at a discount) and I have not been paid anything to comment on it.   Continue reading ….

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