Drivers Seeking New Avenues For Lodging Complaints Against Cyclists

Despite the best efforts of cyclists and advocates, the myth of the scofflaw cyclist still persists. Bloggers, journalists, and news reporters rank among the public facing figures who publish material characterizing cyclists with stereotypical traits we have come to identify with the image of cyclists as lawbreakers.

Not only does this image portray cyclists as lawbreakers, but it paints them as rude and entitlement minded. Both drivers and cyclists agree that some bikers engage in the behaviors from which this stereotype arose.

All cyclists are not angels. And all cyclists are not scofflaws.

Cyclists are individuals and can only be held accountable for their individual actions, not the actions of other people who happen to ride bikes. This seems like common sense. Yet, as more people take to the roads by bike, drivers are becoming increasingly exasperated.    Continue reading ….

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