Thoughts About Virtual Bicycle Safety Lanes

Not long ago, I found myself bored while waiting in a waiting room. While this is no surprise in and of itself, my anti-boredom behavior was.

On a side table, near my chair, was a copy of Hammacher Schlemmer’s latest catalog. I picked it up and started leafing through the pages of novelty items and “best in class” picks by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute.

According to their website:

“The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization created in 1983 to research, test, and rate consumer products objectively until determining the items that are truly superior in each category.

Through rigorous testing, products are thoroughly vetted until we can declare in confidence that one has earned the designation ‘Best.’ We perform this testing without influence from manufacturers, vendors, or merchants.”

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