A Cyclist-Driver Astonishes And Confuses A Cyclist-Rider

Over the past week, I’ve had to use my car more than usual. Aside from having a near heart attack upon discovering the current price of gas when I went to fill the tank, I had to deal with rush hour traffic the likes of which I have never seen before.

Unfortunately, I found myself in this predicament because the meetings that forced me to use my car were too stressful and high pressure to allow me to casually show up in biking clothes. Even being sweaty from riding would have been frowned upon and would have made the meeting eerily tense. So, I planned my week with my car at the center of my transportation needs.

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One Response to A Cyclist-Driver Astonishes And Confuses A Cyclist-Rider

  1. mtalinm says:

    I take the T whenever I’m teaching, for similar reasons.

    Once I biked to work on a teaching day, got a flat tire, blew my spare tube, and was almost late for class. so i’m superstitious that way.

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