Speed Up Slow Down Cyclists

Today I will take a break from the recent discussions on this blog about where cyclists should position themselves when sharing the road with cars, to discuss — OK, rant — about something that really irks me.

As a long-time cyclist, who is in the process of trying to get back into shape after having taken time off due to injuries, I am presently following a training regimen of sorts. It’s not the type of regimen one would use for sport, as in training for road racing or triathlons, but rather a system of rebuilding strength and endurance which was lost through cutting back on physical activity.

I wasn’t sedentary for long. I only ceased activities completely for about a week. Then, I gradually began to ride my bike and lift weights again.

For several weeks, I was incredibly slow on my bike. More cyclists than usual were passing me — although fortunately, none of them were grandmas or grandpas. Many of them were just typical cyclists, like myself, who were fit and clearly did a lot of riding.     Continue reading ….

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