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The Rise Of Bicycling In Suburban America

In America, cars have always been associated with affluence. Early in the days of the automobile, only the wealthy could own cars, since they were prohibitively expensive. It wasn’t until mass production began, which lowered prices significantly, that cars were … Continue reading

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Bicycles As Antiquated And Cars As A Sign of Progress

Although I’m usually an isolate cyclist, on one or two occasions, I’ve found myself randomly attached to passing cyclists. Due to my solitary tendencies, it amazes me to no end that I am a magnet for jovial cyclists. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Stretching The Definition Of Road User

  As recently as ten years ago, I had never heard the term “road user.” I rode a bike; I drove a car; and I walked. But, I never imagined myself as a road user. Nor did I think of … Continue reading

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