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Bicycles As Part Of A Business Model

Over the summer, I read a series of articles written by a member of bicycle advocacy group in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was surprised to see how different Philadelphia was in terms of their approach to incorporating cycling into everyday life, … Continue reading

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Cycling Benefits Are Not Reserved For The Young

In the U.S., cycling is generally associated with the young. Learning to ride a bike is a right of passage for kids. Young people ride bikes to school and around their neighborhoods before they are old enough to drive cars. … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Bike Friendly Cities And Startup Friendly Reputations

A recent search I performed about making American cities more bicycle friendly turned up a fair amount of information about mayors and their quest to increase transportation options in their cities. Recently, I wrote about the Boston mayoral candidates, all … Continue reading

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Bicycle Accommodations: When The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What The Right Hand Is Doing

The City of Boston has committed itself to becoming more bicycle friendly. Many areas have seen an increase in the number of bike lanes, sharrows and other bicycle accommodations. Boston also has a bike share program to encourage the use … Continue reading

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Should Cycle Paths Look More Like Automobile Freeways?

  In many parts of the world, city planners are looking for ways to get more people on bicycles. Each country has specific reasons for wanting to increase bicycle use, but most share certain things in common. Traffic congestion is … Continue reading

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