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Could Bike Shops and Bicycle Marketing Be Contributing to the Paucity of Female Cyclists?

  A number of studies have been conducted, and articles written, about the gender imbalance in cycling. Women make up only 24 percent of bicycling trips. In a post I wrote some time ago, I tried to outline the reasons … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Bicycle Parts and Safety Concerns

  Cyclists buy products expecting them to be checked for quality. Most of the time they are. But, what happens when unsuspecting consumers purchase products which they think have passed quality control tests, but which haven’t passed any tests at … Continue reading

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Decisions Affecting Bicycle Warranties and Manufacturer Liability

  Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This caution pertains to issues that might arise when making a bicycle warranty claim or filing a product liability lawsuit should you be injured by a defective bicycle frame … Continue reading

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Quest for a Sub-$1000 Steel Bicycle

Who would have thought that finding a new sub-$1,000 bike would be such an endeavor? Years ago, most bikes were made out of steel. Cromoly was the norm for high-end and most less expensive bikes. Maybe I should have bought … Continue reading

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Atypical Reasons to Buy a New Bike

Bike culture, through its subcultures, dictates the meaning of bicycling. Cultural insiders strictly adhere to a set of beliefs. Too often, they mock others for their choices. Many avid cyclists exist outside the formal self-styled bike culture. And, their views … Continue reading

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