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Riding Through Pockets Of Cold In The Summertime

Summer in New England can be very strange. For days on end, the temperature can linger in the 90’s with high humidity. The air is so heavy that breathing is a chore. Clothing sticks to every sweaty area of one’s … Continue reading

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Motorists Just Don’t Get It

  Cycling, in my view, is not just a hobby, a fad, or a form of recreation; it is an inherent trait of dedicated cyclists. In my own case, with the exception of my infancy, I’ve ridden a bicycle for … Continue reading

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Escaping the Jaws of an Angry Dog

  A number of years ago, I lived in a semi-rural area with narrow, winding roads lined with acres of fields as far as the eye could see. In those days, my schedule permitted me to ride midday when most … Continue reading

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Riding Into the Void

Beyond the city, a long winding road awaits. Devoid of cars, the lazy path rolls out in a solid lane of smoothness. Relaxing, a rhythm begins to build. Riding a bike in a desolate place brings a sense of peace … Continue reading

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