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Fractional Reporting and Innuendo

When you’re a cyclist, it’s difficult not to notice reports of cycling deaths. Even when such reports come from obscure newspapers, the story warrants attention. A story of this sort caught my eye the other day. It was about a … Continue reading

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Cyclists Versus Pedestrians

  The antagonism between cyclists and drivers is well known. As two different types of vehicles sharing the same road, they are forced to find a way to coexist. Tension often mounts to the point of violence, primarily due to … Continue reading

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A Cyclist’s Need For Speed Can Result In A Dead Pedestrian

  Many cyclists have been fighting hard to gain respect on the road. Equal treatment with cars and a safe place to ride are the primary goals. This is all well and good, but it has created quite a bit … Continue reading

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Lycra Plus Craziness Spells A Recipe For Disaster

  Some days, I really wonder whether I’m awake in a distorted world or asleep in a nightmarish dream. Such bizarre things occur, right before my eyes, that I almost cringe at the thought of their being a part of … Continue reading

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Brazen Cyclists

No one has escaped them. They ride with fire under their saddles, shooting onward as if fed on rocket fuel. These muscular missiles dart and veer, fearless in their quest for speed and a thrill at someone else’s expense. From … Continue reading

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