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Omens, Frigid Temperatures and Bicycle Acquisition Anniversaries

  Yesterday morning, I awoke to frigid temperatures. A chill had settled on my bedroom floor while I was fast asleep. It startled me awake as the soles of my feet swung down onto the icy oak. Looking outside, the … Continue reading

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Road Debris and the Panic Factor

One problem with riding a bicycle on roads designed for cars is contending with debris carelessly strewn about. Too often, debris accumulates on the far right-hand side of the road, where cars infrequently travel, but where cyclists find a home. … Continue reading

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Atypical Reasons to Buy a New Bike

Bike culture, through its subcultures, dictates the meaning of bicycling. Cultural insiders strictly adhere to a set of beliefs. Too often, they mock others for their choices. Many avid cyclists exist outside the formal self-styled bike culture. And, their views … Continue reading

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