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Stone Age Representations of Two-Wheeled Transportation

  Today an international team of archeologists announced the discovery of the earliest known Palaeolithic painting of what appears to be a two-wheeled transportation vehicle (see photo above). This crude representation of a two-wheeled vehicle is the first evidence of  … Continue reading

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The Cyclist’s Voice

  Who speaks for cyclists? Not the media. Not the government. Not even the bicycling advocacy groups. No one speaks for cyclists and, to date, cyclists have found no way to speak for themselves. As cities and towns slowly move … Continue reading

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Law Enforcement’s Divergent Opinions On What It Means to Get Hit By a Car

    A few years ago, I had surgery — for the third time —  on the same knee. During the rehabilitation period, I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike. To quench my thirst for movement and aerobic exercise, I … Continue reading

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Do the Facial Injuries of Three Over-50 Cyclists Constitute an Epidemic?

    Anti-bicycling sentiment has found its way into all facets of society. Cyclists do not just face discrimination while riding their bicycles. Negative, preconceived notions about cyclists follow them everywhere – even into the doctor’s office when seeking medical … Continue reading

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Should Charges Be Filed When a Cyclist Kills a Pedestrian?

  Among cyclists, much emphasis is placed on injury and death to cyclists caused by cars. An encounter with a car almost always turns out against the cyclist. And, even when the cyclist’s injuries result in death, drivers are rarely … Continue reading

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What Do Faux Brick Crosswalks Have to Do With Scofflaw Cyclists?

  To cyclists, faux brick crosswalks have nothing to do with scofflaw cyclists. To motorists, not only is there a connection between these two things, but when looking at a photo of a faux brick crosswalk, they see cyclists doing … Continue reading

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Warmth In the Wind

  Summer offers few excuses not to ride, and heat is not one of them. When temperatures soar, motivation must come from within. The body feels lethargic, the legs weak, and the heart faint from pumping over-warmed blood through a … Continue reading

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Bicycles Are Everywhere

Drivers beware: bicycles are everywhere. There is no escaping it. When you least expect it, bicycles will appear, somewhere near. They will stalk you in the daytime. They will haunt you in the night. They will populate your daydreams – … Continue reading

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Illegal Bicycle Instruction Road Signs

  The other day, I was browsing through the blogs when I saw a link on the Street Smarts blog to a post about the “railroad crossout in Lincoln (Massachusetts).” I didn’t even have to click on the link … Continue reading

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