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Consumers Are In the Dark About Bicycle Material Failure Rates

  Not long ago, I wrote a post about carbon fiber bicycle forks. It was written in response to a comment I received on a bicycle review where I discussed my partiality towards carbon forks. This comment reiterated the common … Continue reading

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Bicycle Weight Limits

Having a bicycling blog can be interesting in many ways. Not only do you think more about bicycling yourself, but by interacting with readers, you learn about problems and questions other cyclists face, which may not affect you. One such … Continue reading

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Road Aggression In America

  Within the last century, the U.S. upheld standards of conduct. Children were expected to behave in public. Adults followed certain rituals of civility out of a desire to be considered proper. Politeness was a sign of propriety. And, most … Continue reading

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Daytime Running Lights and Bicycle Visibility

  Most of the time, I travel by bike or by foot. For many years, I used a bike as my sole means of transportation. When the weather was too harsh, or there was nowhere to lock my bike, I … Continue reading

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When Bicycle Safety Advice Negates Improved Cycling Infrastructure

  The Internet is full of advice about bicycle safety. There is advice about equipment maintenance, what to wear, and how to ride. Some of the advice is sound, but some is biased and arbitrary. New cyclists, whom the information … Continue reading

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What Cyclists Are Up Against

  A nationally rated cycling instructor of the League of American Bicyclists recently wrote a letter to a local publication about the bicycling laws in Washington. He did this in response to comments left on an account of cyclists’ experiences … Continue reading

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Runners In The Road

  Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are not the only users of the road. In many communities, there are runners in the road. Even when sidewalks are available, some runners choose to run in the road. This act, presumably, is the … Continue reading

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Auto Makers and E-Bikes

  Why are so many auto makers jumping into the e-bike arena? BMW, Lexus, and Volkswagon,  have all shown an interest in selling e-bikes. Volkswagon’s e-bike is made to complement the car. It folds up into the trunk of a … Continue reading

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Knog N.E.R.D 12 Function Computer: A Truly Portable Bicycle Computer

Last December, I bought a new bike (a 2011 Jamis Coda Sport) to use as a transportation/utility bike. At the time, I was planning to use it for shorter trips while using my road racing bike for longer rides. As … Continue reading

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