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Understanding Gender Imbalance in Bicycling

Bicycle commuting, I recently learned, is predominantly a male activity in the U.S. Statistics collected in 2009 show a striking reality: 73.26% (560,925) of bicycle commuters are male and 26.74% (204,778) are female. When riding in my area, I notice … Continue reading

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The Song Inside My Head

  Solitary cycling creates a silence in my head. The void begs for sound – a hint of civilization. Long ago, I rode with a first generation MP3 player in my chest pocket, hoping to capture some of its tinny … Continue reading

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Bicycle Accidents: Will Bystanders Know Who You Are?

Safety is a major concern when sharing the road with motor vehicles. In addition to obeying traffic laws and carrying tools for breakdowns, planning for emergencies is vital to a cyclist’s well-being. To maximize the odds of getting the help … Continue reading

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Eyeing the Moon

Would we, if it were not broadcast, be aware of the SuperMoon? Would we feel compelled to inspect it? Some people would. Others, who relish the outdoors, would not because watching the sky comes naturally; it is not a special … Continue reading

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Why Buy an Electric Bicycle?

Recently, I asked myself a question: would you ever ride an electric bicycle? I don’t know, I replied, I’ve never thought about it. As was my custom, I sat down to ponder this question. An electric bicycle wasn’t a necessity … Continue reading

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Emerging from Winter Doldrums

Short days always make me lethargic. The indoor world of winter with man-made heat is stifling. The days are brief; the nights drag on. Darkness is all around, dampening and lowering my mood. A dull sadness floats in stale air. … Continue reading

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Bamboo Bicycles: Exotic Luxury and Basic Transportation

Bamboo bicycles are something of a mystery. Up until a reader mentioned his skepticism about their durability on one of my recent blog posts, I hadn’t given bamboo much thought. Sure, I’d heard of such bikes. But, who other than … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Using Motorists: The Cyclist’s Nemesis

Long before the advent of the cell phone, driving distractions came from live events inside a car. Kids fighting in the backseat, a barking dog or a marital spat diverted a driver’s attention. On slow winding roads, drivers’ eyes took … Continue reading

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The United States Postal Service Should Stick to Delivering Mail

Not long ago, the United States Postal Service (USPS) chose to  sponsor a cycling team. This may have been a relatively inexpensive way to advertise, but it created the impression that the U.S. government had given its stamp of approval … Continue reading

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