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When A Reputation Is On The Line, A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words

Sometimes people misconstrue things, rather than admitting to what is actually there. This can lead to unintended consequences. For instance, when a cyclist or an anti-cyclist wants to blame a cyclist for his own death, they lose sight of the … Continue reading

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A Cycling Blogger Becomes Perplexed By A Reader

Recently, I wrote a post about people who comment on bicycle-related articles and identify themselves as cyclists to lend credence to their criticisms of cyclists. Whether these people are cyclists or not, their sentiments seem to fall in line with … Continue reading

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Injuring A Pedestrian With A Bicycle Is Assault With A Deadly Weapon, But Killing A Cyclist With A Car Is Not

Just when I thought I had seen it all, something astounding came along to make me wonder about the sanity of the world we live in. As we all know, life is not fair. Injustice rears its hideous head around … Continue reading

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Politicizing Bike Shares For Personal Gain

In a country where cycling has a negative image, bike share programs can be very controversial. This is particularly true in the U.S. where urban areas are densely populated and jammed up with virtually non-stop traffic. A small number of … Continue reading

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Sanctimonious Drivers Lecturing Random Cyclists

  Although the title of this post seems to say it all, there is more worth saying. The story behind what led to this post is as incredible as it is disheartening. It goes like this: The other day, I … Continue reading

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Identifying Oneself As A Cyclist In Order To Criticize Cyclists

When it comes to cycling, online comment sections are full of vitriol. Few topics generate the type of hard feelings and passion as cycling, especially when that cycling is occurring on roads. According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary, the word “road” … Continue reading

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Cool Cats Take To Cycling Like A Fish Takes To Water

Most cyclists are cool cats. Would this make cool cats cyclists? Well, apparently, the answer is “yes.” Cats can, and do, ride bicycles. Not by themselves, of course, but with help from their cool cat cyclist human companions. As an … Continue reading

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Does Being A Majority In Something Change One’s Minority Status?

  A first-of-its-kind report entitled “The New Majority: Pedaling Towards Equity” was recently released by The League of American Bicyclists and the Sierra Club. With a title like that, I had to download and read it. The subject, I soon … Continue reading

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