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Does Olympic Road Cycling Help Or Hurt Mainstream Cycling?

  The summer Olympics is upon us again. I wish I could say it only seems like yesterday since the last Olympics. But, honestly, it seems like an eternity has passed between these events. Unlike many Olympic fans, I am … Continue reading

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Bicyclist, Biker Or Cyclist: What’s In A Name?

  Bicyclist, biker, or cyclist. Are these descriptive names or are they examples of pigeonholing? A reader recently brought this interesting question to my attention. He had seen a letter to the editor in The Washington Post where the author … Continue reading

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Waiting Is Part Of Sharing The Road

  All one has to do is drive in and around a major city to see that bicycling is taking off in America. Some places have more cyclists than others, and cities vary in how much they’ve invested in bicycling … Continue reading

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Should Cycle Paths Look More Like Automobile Freeways?

  In many parts of the world, city planners are looking for ways to get more people on bicycles. Each country has specific reasons for wanting to increase bicycle use, but most share certain things in common. Traffic congestion is … Continue reading

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Smart Cities, Dumb Burbs

I don’t remember exactly when it started, but at some point in recent history, cities started getting smarter and suburbs started getting dumber. It began when city planners decided to revitalize urban areas, which, in many cities, had fallen into … Continue reading

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Does The Public See Cycling Without A Helmet As Analogous To Drunk Driving?

  Whenever a cyclist is hit by a car, the first question everyone asks is: “Was he wearing a helmet?” This is always asked in an accusatory tone, as if to imply guilt on the part of the cyclist for … Continue reading

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Some Motor Vehicles Pose Hidden Dangers to Cyclists

Most road cyclists worry about getting hit by motor vehicles. They imagine themselves sustaining any of the various types of injuries known to be produced by the trauma of colliding with a vehicle weighing several tons. To that end, cyclists … Continue reading

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The Socially Acceptable Aspects of Cycling

Many Americans, along with their international counterparts, don’t find using a bicycle as transportation socially acceptable. Some regard it as a childish pastime, which in certain ways, interferes with adult activities like driving. Cycling is also seen as irresponsible due … Continue reading

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Road Paint Parading As Protection

  Since the mid-2000’s, sharrows — a chevron-and-bike logo painted on a road lane indicating that the lane must be shared by cars and bicycles — have become familiar markings on urban American roads. Unbeknownst to people other than activists … Continue reading

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