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Bicycle Trail Networks

In 2007, Boston’s mayor, Thomas Menino, established a program called Boston Bikes. It’s purpose was to make Boston into a world class bicycling city. The winner of the 2000 US Olympic road-race cycling trials, Nicole Freedman runs the program. As … Continue reading

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Building Bicycle Infrastructure Must Be Either Temporary Feel Good Politics Or Permanent Change

Riding a bicycle in the Boston area is precarious business. Boston’s horrendous traffic and legendary reckless drivers are only part of the problem. The other part is the roads themselves. After a long, snowy winter, many of the roads look … Continue reading

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Waiting Is Part Of Sharing The Road

  All one has to do is drive in and around a major city to see that bicycling is taking off in America. Some places have more cyclists than others, and cities vary in how much they’ve invested in bicycling … Continue reading

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Road Paint Parading As Protection

  Since the mid-2000’s, sharrows — a chevron-and-bike logo painted on a road lane indicating that the lane must be shared by cars and bicycles — have become familiar markings on urban American roads. Unbeknownst to people other than activists … Continue reading

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Sharrows: Confusion and Compromise

  On my post about bike lanes, a reader left a comment asking what I thought about sharrows. So, I gave it some thought. Looking back, I remember seeing sharrows springing up in my area a few years ago. Prior … Continue reading

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Bike Lanes Are Either Keeping Bikes In Or Keeping Cars Out

  With budgets tight and populations soaring, competition for resources has grown fierce. Around the world, competing interests dominate discussions about how a country’s revenues should be spent. Money can be allocated in many ways; what constitutes the right way … Continue reading

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