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An Alternative Pain Relief Option for Cyclists

Pain relief is a topic rarely discussed among cyclists. Perhaps it’s due to bravado. Or maybe it’s a question of embarrassment. Who knows? Pain can come from an ill-fitting bike, poor posture, bad technique or injury. With respect to equipment, … Continue reading

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And I Thought That Riding a Bicycle in Boston Was Dangerous

Is bicycling actually dangerous or is it a matter of perception? It is both. Everything in life is a risk. It is simply a matter of degree, and for each thing we do, we weigh the odds. Physical activity carries … Continue reading

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Car Heat

Relegated to the postage stamp sized alley on the far right-hand side of the road, I balance between whizzing vehicles and swinging car doors. Movement intensifies the breeze blowing in my face. Each breath exhales excess wind swallowed while breathing … Continue reading

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Dear Urban Motorists: Go Play On the Train Tracks

  An author by the name of P.J. O’Rourke penned a most puzzling piece entitled Dear Urban Cyclists: Go Play in Traffic (be sure to read this article). Cyclists do play in traffic every day, but their activities do not … Continue reading

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Bike Rack or Art?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m becoming paranoid about the lengths anti-bicycling zealots are willing to go to prevent the integration of cycling into American society. Opposition to bike lanes is stiff. Funding for bike infrastructure is viewed as a … Continue reading

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Just Me and My Shadow

Riding in unison, two souls pedaled as one. We vowed to be best friends for life. Over pavement and soil, we pedaled furiously, heading nowhere as fast as we could. Wind blew through our hair, t-shirts clung to our chests … Continue reading

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Motor Vehicle Homicide Only Applies When a Cyclist is Prominent

The phrase “motor vehicle homicide by a negligent driver” is rarely uttered in the same sentence as “for a cyclist’s death.” Atypically, a recent headline reflecting such an incident read: “Wellesley doctor killed in bicycle accident, driver charged.” This case … Continue reading

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The Traveling Cyclist’s Locking Ritual

Locking and unlocking a bike is an automatic part of a bike traveler’s life. Every cyclist devises a strategy for preventing theft. And, various permutations of locking schemes exist. Minimalists use a cable wound carelessly through the frame and wrapped … Continue reading

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