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Bicycle Fundraising For Bicycling

Many charities use cycling as a way to raise funds. They chart a course and enlist cyclists to complete the course in exchange for pledges from donors. The more pledges a rider has, the more money he or she will … Continue reading

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When Riding A Bicycle To A Match Is Newsworthy

  Under normal circumstances, I don’t read the Boston Herald. Most of the time I only land on their website when I’m searching for something specific and land on one of their pages. Yesterday, I was looking for some cycling … Continue reading

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Unjust Deaths Lead To Inadequate Gestures

Untimely death and injustice often go hand in hand. This is particularly true in societies where minority groups are assigned less value than their majority group counterparts. Cyclists, in American society, can be considered the former. As a distinct minority, … Continue reading

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Testing Pedestrian And Cyclist Trust While Driving

Something about driving always inspires me to conduct informal experiments. The boredom, the lack of mental stimulation and the intolerable waiting for the sea of cars in front of me to move motivates me to look elsewhere to mitigate my … Continue reading

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Bicycle Invisibility Is A Function Of The Imagination

The mind of an artist is a wondrous thing. Ideas and images are formulated, formed and melded in a manner most of us would never imagine. Such was the case a few years ago when a performance artist decided to … Continue reading

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Cyclists Thinking The Unthinkable

People who visit this blog sometimes search for the strangest things. I would never have thought of these things myself. But it’s really interesting to get a glimpse into the minds of some of the people who don’t regularly frequent … Continue reading

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What Constitutes a Fair Share?

The subject of bicycle fees has arisen again, and a feverish movement to make cyclists pay “their fair share” for using the roads is in full swing. Of course, this issue has arisen in Oregon, one of the most pro-cycling … Continue reading

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Smartphones And Divided Attention

How did homo sapiens ever live without smartphones? Thousands of years went by with nothing more than wilderness and basic survival as homo sapiens’ sole means of entertainment. And as far as communication went, whispering, speaking and shouting were the … Continue reading

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