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Designing Affordable Bicycle Components For Transportation And Practicality

In the U.S., bicycle components are often seen as luxury items. All sorts of fancy, high tech designs have been created in the name of precision and shaving weight off of the bike. None of these components are designed with … Continue reading

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Everyday People Thinking Up New Uses For Bicycles

From even a cursory exploration of the subject, it would seem that there are a finite number of uses for a bicycle. Technically speaking, there are. But, just when it seemed as if we had exhausted all options, someone thought … Continue reading

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Bicycles As Part Of A Business Model

Over the summer, I read a series of articles written by a member of bicycle advocacy group in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was surprised to see how different Philadelphia was in terms of their approach to incorporating cycling into everyday life, … Continue reading

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A Cyclist-Driver Astonishes And Confuses A Cyclist-Rider

Over the past week, I’ve had to use my car more than usual. Aside from having a near heart attack upon discovering the current price of gas when I went to fill the tank, I had to deal with rush … Continue reading

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Can We Stop The Rise In Bicycle Theft?

Now that spring has arrived and the daily temperatures are starting to rise, more people are taking their bikes out for a ride. With warm weather comes excursions and increased use of bicycles for transportation. Despite the positive side of … Continue reading

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Bicycle Locking Doesn’t Have To Be Necessary

Many moons ago, when I first started this blog, I wrote a post about a typical cyclist’s bicycle locking ritual. I called it “The Traveling Cyclist’s Locking Ritual.” This title occurred to me because up until recently, anyone who wanted … Continue reading

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When Riding A Bicycle To A Match Is Newsworthy

  Under normal circumstances, I don’t read the Boston Herald. Most of the time I only land on their website when I’m searching for something specific and land on one of their pages. Yesterday, I was looking for some cycling … Continue reading

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The Dual Role Of Bicycles

Lately, I’ve been doing some thinking about the role of bicycles. The question I’ve been contemplating has been raised before, but it has recently presented itself to me in a different light. A bicycle always exists in relation to its … Continue reading

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