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Please Don’t Drive Right at Me

Last fall, I was heading out to Boston’s western suburbs for a long, leisurely ride. It was one of those days where a warm sun collided with cool streaks of almost winter air. The first part of my ride took … Continue reading

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Craze Before the Storm

Before weather forecasts, signs of nature foretold of approaching storms. Instinctive receptiveness possessed by our forebears allowed them to sense weather and react as if it were a part of their lives, not some catastrophic inconvenience to be avoided. In … Continue reading

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Carbon Bicycle Forks: Cautions, Facts and Misconceptions

On my post about the 2011 Jamis Coda Sport, a reader left an interesting comment about the catastrophic failure of carbon forks. When I was writing the post, it never occurred to me that the carbon fork, which I wanted, … Continue reading

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Jamis Coda Sport 2011 Model: First Impressions

  Too often, online product reviews convey subjective views in the guise of objectivity. There are many ways to view any product. Personal bias colors what each of us perceives, no matter how hard we may try to be objective; … Continue reading

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Quest for a Sub-$1000 Steel Bicycle

Who would have thought that finding a new sub-$1,000 bike would be such an endeavor? Years ago, most bikes were made out of steel. Cromoly was the norm for high-end and most less expensive bikes. Maybe I should have bought … Continue reading

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Experimental Helmet Safety Device May Reduce Head Injuries

Helmet use is a heated topic among cyclists. Whenever discussions take place, the emphasis falls on helmet use for prevention of death. Surprisingly, there is little discussion about the role of helmets in preventing non-fatal head injuries. Absent is consideration … Continue reading

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Stop Signs Have No Meaning in Massachusetts

Growing up in another state, I learned early to identify the bright red octagon with the white letters as meaning a car must stop. Every school child was familiar with this symbol. It had universal meaning, being known virtually around … Continue reading

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Pedal Power Extends Talk Time

Talking is not high on the list of a cyclist’s priorities, particularly when riding alone. Why then would anyone want a pedal powered cell phone charger? If you think about it, there are numerous uses for such a device. And, … Continue reading

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Cycle Superhighways: A Visionary’s Dream

Looking around the globe, it’s not difficult to discern how much more advanced other countries are with respect to viewing bicycling as a legitimate form of transportation. Take London’s new Barclays Cycle Superhighways for example. Just the name of this … Continue reading

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