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Texting While In Motion Is Always A Bad Idea

We are constantly being made aware of the dangers of texting while driving. Everyone knows that it increases the risk of an accident and that it is one of the leading dangers for road cyclists. Yet many people see texting … Continue reading

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Do the Facial Injuries of Three Over-50 Cyclists Constitute an Epidemic?

    Anti-bicycling sentiment has found its way into all facets of society. Cyclists do not just face discrimination while riding their bicycles. Negative, preconceived notions about cyclists follow them everywhere – even into the doctor’s office when seeking medical … Continue reading

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An Alternative Pain Relief Option for Cyclists

Pain relief is a topic rarely discussed among cyclists. Perhaps it’s due to bravado. Or maybe it’s a question of embarrassment. Who knows? Pain can come from an ill-fitting bike, poor posture, bad technique or injury. With respect to equipment, … Continue reading

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And I Thought That Riding a Bicycle in Boston Was Dangerous

Is bicycling actually dangerous or is it a matter of perception? It is both. Everything in life is a risk. It is simply a matter of degree, and for each thing we do, we weigh the odds. Physical activity carries … Continue reading

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Experimental Helmet Safety Device May Reduce Head Injuries

Helmet use is a heated topic among cyclists. Whenever discussions take place, the emphasis falls on helmet use for prevention of death. Surprisingly, there is little discussion about the role of helmets in preventing non-fatal head injuries. Absent is consideration … Continue reading

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Osteoarthritis and the Descent into Granny Gears

Persistent knee pain with stiffness and swelling may be a sign of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a condition that causes wearing away of the cartilage in a joint. Cartilage is a flexible tissue which allows bones to glide smoothly when moving … Continue reading

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