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It Might Be Better To Insure Your Bicycle Than To Insure Your Life

The market for cyclists’ lives isn’t very good right now. Apparently, you can buy a cyclist’s life for a mere $1,500. That’s right. For less than $2,000 you can kill a cyclist and face no additional penalties. In case you … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of Drivers Who Trivialize Car Crashes

A few days ago, someone I follow on Twitter tweeted a link to one of the most frightening personal confessions I have ever seen. In the past, we never saw such things. Now that personal disclosure has become a national … Continue reading

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An Encounter With A Spoiled Driver

With all the safety improvements and precautions motor vehicle users have been introduced to over the last twenty years, you would think that drivers might take safety to heart. Some probably do. But others see driving as a way to … Continue reading

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Smartphones And Divided Attention

How did homo sapiens ever live without smartphones? Thousands of years went by with nothing more than wilderness and basic survival as homo sapiens’ sole means of entertainment. And as far as communication went, whispering, speaking and shouting were the … Continue reading

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Should Texting A Driver Be A Punishable Offense?

As a consequence of the concept of multitasking and hectic lives, it has become commonplace for drivers to engage in other tasks while driving. Eating, applying makeup, using consumer electronics, talking on the phone, texting, and surfing the web rank … Continue reading

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Ethical Consideration of Distracted Driving and Cyclist Safety

  Distracted driving raises ethical questions. If a driver is on an isolated road, distracted driving is only a danger to himself. But, when sharing the road with drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, distracted driving’s consequences affect the well-being of other … Continue reading

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