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Justifying Journalistic Road Rage Against Cyclists

  Many cyclists have asked themselves the question: Why do journalists fuel the anti-bicycle backlash? Hatred of cyclists has been proposed, as has the desire to maintain a car-centric society. There is no right answer. Each journalist has his or … Continue reading

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Road Aggression In America

  Within the last century, the U.S. upheld standards of conduct. Children were expected to behave in public. Adults followed certain rituals of civility out of a desire to be considered proper. Politeness was a sign of propriety. And, most … Continue reading

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Soda, Screaming and General Hostility

    Road riding requires a degree of patience and self-control rarely needed in other facets of life. No matter how careful a cyclist tries to be and how much the law is on his side, there’s just one fact … Continue reading

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