Wheels Are Really A Very Natural Part Of Human Movement

Yes, the photo at the top of this post contains no bicycles, on a bicycling blog no less. However, it depicts something so central to human ideas and behavior that it should not be ignored.

I, however, somewhat ignored my blog this past weekend because I spent two days as a spectator at a synchronized skating competition (shown above). Why did I, an avid cyclist, spend my weekend this way, you ask? Because my nieces were competing in this event and I would not miss their performances for anything.

Even though this event was about ice skating, it made me think about something broader than the skating itself. I noticed that most of the teams in this competition — I did not see them all — added a fast moving circle to their routine. And the rotation of this circle, comprised of young skaters, most certainly resembled a wheel.    C0ntinue reading ….

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