Hit-And-Run Text Alerts: Justice Or Jeopardy?

Hit-and-run cases are some of the most frustrating incidents found on the roads. When two cars crash or a car and a cyclist crash, and both parties stay at the scene, injuries can be tended to and the details of what happened can be sorted out. But, in a hit-and-run situation, injured parties are often left on the side of the road, sometimes alone, to fend for themselves until help arrives.

Sometimes there are witnesses who give police a description of the car involved in the crash. Other times, only the injured party can explain what happened, and given the circumstances, may or may not be able to relay what happened.

Vague descriptions of a wanted vehicle are often announced over the airwaves to make people in the area aware that a reckless driver, who left the scene of an accident, is on the loose. Predictions about where the car might be damaged are included to make it easier for non-witnesses to identify a car matching the description.    Continue reading ….

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