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Is There Such A Thing As Safe Cyclists?

A reader recently drew my attention to a “research” paper purporting to explain why mandatory helmet laws don’t reduce injuries. Of the anti-helmet research papers I’ve read to date, this one presents the most convoluted arguments against mandatory helmet laws … Continue reading

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Using Medical Journals to Lend Credibility to Anti-Helmet Use Arguments

In countries with mandatory helmet laws, people opposed to helmet use regulation often go to great lengths to overturn the law. In New Zealand, for instance, a controversial report was recently published in the New Zealand Medical Journal claiming that … Continue reading

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Bicycle Helmets and Variable Risk

Few topics are more hotly debated among cyclists, and the general public, than bicycle helmet use. People on both sides of the issue feel passionately about their beliefs. One side maintains that wearing a helmet saves lives; the other side … Continue reading

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Bicycling Advocacy Groups and Helmet Use

  Helmets are the only piece of cycling equipment whose use is debated by cyclists and non-cyclists alike. Among cyclists there are two opposing camps. One fervently favors helmet use. The other vehemently opposes it. Among non-cyclists there are those … Continue reading

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