Bicycling Advocates’ Agendas Versus Bicyclists’ Interests

I am a cyclist. Riding is what I do. It is what I have done for decades, and what I intend to do for decades to come.

The miles I have put in have taught me a great deal beyond what my father imparted to me when he taught me how to ride a “two-wheeler” without training wheels. I remember how he held the back of my saddle on my diminutive bike as I shakily struggled to keep the bike upright.

Like all kids, I fell a few times. But determination compelled me to dust myself off and get back into the saddle to try again. Eventually, I managed to ride under my own power with the fear of falling nothing more than a distant memory. It was the beginning of a long journey which is only partially finished today.

Back in the present, I have been thinking about a recent comment I received on a post I wrote about how cars should leave a lane, an imaginary buffer, on the right-hand side of the road. I wrote this as the result of many years of riding in traffic and observing how my own riding affected the drivers around me and how the riding of others affected drivers, as well.   Continue reading ….

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