Someone Thinks That Drivers Are Dumber Than We Do

Regular readers of this blog will recall the post I wrote a few days ago about the difference between bicycling advocates’ agendas and bicyclists’ interests. In that post, I mentioned a comment I received from a regular reader who, like the bicycling advocates with strong agendas, often quotes figures and statistics as a way of telling cyclists what to do.

It should be made clear that I was not implying that he was the only one who believed the things he commented on or the only one who said them. I meant to say that his comment reflected a common sentiment among passionate official bicycling advocates.

In response, he wrote a comment clarifying his position on the 3-foot passing law and giving examples of why some people believe that “sharing the road” is not the same thing as “sharing the lane.” Despite his examples, which clearly show that he is not the only one who thinks this way, I still disagree that there is a difference between these two things. Still, I think it’s a topic worthy of discussion.    Continue reading ….

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