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The 2013 Christina Clarke Genco Mother’s Day Memorial Ride

Depending upon how we look at it, a finite period of time can either fly by or drag on for an eternity. Occasionally, both things seem to happen simultaneously; time can be both long and short, contingent only upon one’s … Continue reading

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Cyclists In Alabama And Massachusetts Unite In A Common Cause

  Nearly one year ago, Christina Genco, a 22 year old cyclist and Newton, Massachusetts native, was killed in Alabama while leading a cross-country fundraising bike ride. As a member of the Bike & Build group, she was raising funds … Continue reading

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The Christina Clarke Genco Foundation First Annual Mother’s Day Memorial Bike Ride

Every truncated life is tragic, no matter how quietly that life was lived. Even so, some lost lives stand out in our memories because those individuals stood for something larger than themselves. They wanted to make a difference in the … Continue reading

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A Hint of Justice

Justice is an elusive concept, fraught with emotion, intuition and idealism. It exemplifies all that is good in humankind, while in the face of evil, it represents a longing for who we want to be. Within the context of a … Continue reading

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When a Cyclist’s Death Doesn’t Count

Previously, I wrote about a local doctor, Stan Sabin, who was killed while riding his bicycle. The  motorist involved blamed a “sneezing fit” for causing her to lose control of her car, which resulted in her striking Dr. Sabin. Atypically, … Continue reading

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